Industrial Extracting Systems

Sm SysTems design, manufacture and install absolute extracting systems in the industries to ensure that smoke in the working place is extracted outside.

Areas of concentration are:

  • welding areas
  • spray booth areas
  • hot areas, either to take air in and out of the working area.

Our systems assist industries in the great deal by all means in terms of health and safety compliance standards.

The pictures show exactly our products designed and installed by our competent teams.

Industrial Extracting System: Fitting In Action











Designed Industrial Extracting System: Welding Area











Absolute Smoke Extracting System






Fans and Ventilation

Inline & wall extractor fans Axial Extractor Fan Wall Extractor Fan
Grill 90 Degree Bend Ducting
Industrialized Louvre mounted in an axial round wall fan The typical whirly bird / turbine for air circulation in factories